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What Our Firm Provides

Employee Relations & Safety

Landon HR Consulting is a full service, Human Resources consulting firm. We provide customized Human Resource support and  solutions to your small or medium sized business.​

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​​Safety and Workers Compensation

We understand that employee safety is critically important to your business.  We can help you take control of your Safety Program and get your Workers Compensation costs under control.  We can support you from the design and implementation of your safety program or simply address an area of concern. We can also provide the following:   

• Full safety, compliance and workers compensation audits 
• Ensure OSHA compliance and workplace safety procedure 
• Safety Programs
• Safety Training 
• Workers Compensation cost control
• Injury prevention program
• Accident investigation and reporting
• Industrial Clinic Audit and Assessment
• Injury Claims management, audit and assessment 
• Return to work and light duty strategies
• Applicant job simulation testing
• Emergency and Disaster Recovery plans
• Fitness for Duty Program and Procedures

Employee and Labor Relations

Employee discipline and termination are never pleasant but it can be positive and constructive if handled correctly.  However, too frequently performance issues are either ignored or handled incorrectly which often leads to employee claims and lawsuits. We can help support you in a number of different ways during these situations to reduce liability and missteps in the process.  We can also help your business remain union-free through solid employee relations strategies.  If you are already under a union contract, we can also provide assistance as required. Ultimately having a positive relationship between employers and their employees is critical to the success of the business. We can help you develop and implement a solid employee relations program.  We offer the following services:

• Workplace investigations (harassment, discrimination, bullying, theft, etc.)
• Union Avoidance Programs and Strategies
• Progressive Discipline and Termination support
• Collective bargaining agreement and negotiation strategy
• Employee Conflict Resolution
• Employee downsizing strategy and implementation
• Employee Engagement Surveys and analysis
• Controlling Employee turnover 
• Focus Group facilitation and assessment
• Supervisor and Manager Leadership skills training
• Confidential HR Hotline service 
• Exit Interview design and analysis 
• Severance letters and documents
• Ensuring compliant termination processes and documents
• Progressive Discipline Policy and Procedures