Our firm provides five critical key elements to your company: 

1. Experience - With decades of HR management experience in both union and non-union environments and a variety of industries, we can bring our expertise to your organization in a customized manner that fits your unique needs and requirements. 

2. Relationships – First we want to build a relationship with you as your vendor of choice. Second, we have a large network of trusted, professional relationships that can provide additional services and resources if required.  This allows us to be your “one-stop” shop.

3. Business Growth – Responsibly growing your bottom-line is always a primary focus. We can provide a host of services that will positively impact your business performance and profitability.      

4. Cost Avoidance – What you don’t know can hurt you!  In today’s litigious HR environment, the laws are continuously evolving and are filled with compliance blind spots. Our service identifies those blind spots that could negatively impact your bottom-line. 

5. Cost Savings - As a local, privately owned firm, we can provide reasonable rates that any business can afford and a crucial service that any business cannot be without.

Landon HR Consulting is a full service, Human Resources consulting firm. We provide customized Human Resource support and  solutions to your small or medium sized business.​

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About Landon HR

What Our Firm Provides

Full Service HR Consulting

What Our Firm Provides

Landon HR Consulting provides organizations with the ability to maximize their potential; to promote growth in revenues and profits; and, promote their Image within their industry and community. We can provide your business with whatever level of professional support that you desire.  We understand that you’re not interested in HR jargon and theory; simply clear, concise and direct solutions to your HR issues.  Our intent is to partner with you, fill the HR void, and allow you to focus on the key drivers of your business.  This can range from a one-time project to retaining our firm on an on-going basis.  We simply want to ensure that our clients are able to customize their desired HR support needs efficiently and cost effectively.​