​• Employee Handbook, Policy and Practices
• Government and regulatory compliance
• Safety and Workers Compensation compliance
• Recruitment, staffing and onboarding practices
• Benefits administration and compliance
• Compensation practices and FLSE salary exemption review

• Leave of Absence compliance

What Our Firm Provides

HR Compliance & Outsourcing

• Employee Handbook 
• Policy and Procedures 
• New hire and termination form compliance   
• New employee orientation and onboarding programs
• Personnel File set-up
• Performance Management

• Benefits programs
• Compensation programs
• Incentive programs
• Support recruitment and staffing needs
• Job Descriptions
• Safety program and requirements

HR Department Outsourcing

In many cases outsourcing a portion or the entire HR function is in the best interest of a business. Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing allows the company to focus on their key drivers, free up valuable resources and shed non-core business functions. We can provide that solution. We offer a variety of customizable and affordable options to fit your business needs.

Landon HR Consulting is a full service, Human Resources consulting firm. We provide customized Human Resource support and  solutions to your small or medium sized business.​

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• Payroll practices
• Job Descriptions
• Performance Management
• Discipline and Termination policy and practices
• Employee Training 
• Employee form,  record and file retention system and compliance

Whether you are looking to establish a new HR Department or simply wanting to expand or improve upon an existing department, we can provide the direction and assistance you need and ensure that you build a solid and legally compliant foundation.  We can also provide you with on-going HR support during this period.   Below are some services that can be bundled or provided separately: 

Full Service HR Consulting

HR Department Set-up

Human Resource Compliance

Our complimentary consultation is essential for every business to ensure compliance with the law.  However, our 150 point audit goes beyond compliance and is designed to provide you a better understanding of your HR strengths and weaknesses. The assessment results are presented in a confidential summary report to help you understand, evaluate and prioritize the audit findings and associated risks and rewards.  Our audit points include evaluation of the following areas: